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☆ ASMR ☆ WHISPERING ☆ ROLEPLAYS ☆ RELAXATION ☆ TINGLES ☆ SOOTHING VOICE ☆ PERSONAL ATTENTION ☆ SLEEP ☆ GREEK ☆ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ ☆ ΑΣΜΡ (Old channel name: Cutebunny992). ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response which is a fancy acronym of describing those tingles (numbness, chills) all over your upper back, spine and head. My videos are mainly created for the triggering of those tingles through sound and visual triggers. I also want to relax you and make you forget the worries of your day for a few minutes and hopefully make you fall asleep easier. My specialty is mostly on visual triggers as I love them as a viewer, but expect some sounds as well. I love making Role-play videos and especially medical ones. Love, Marianne

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